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Best Search Engine Alternatives To Google (2020)

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and with that, certain issues are meant to arise. As other companies see the flaws in Google, alternative search engines have come up to address the issues.

Data privacy is key among those issues. Over the recent past, Google and Social Media Giant Facebook have come under pressure for selling and exposing user data. Though they have been fined and promised to do better, most people especially who are privacy conscious have had to look for alternatives.

Here are some of the best alternative search engines to Google.

1. DuckDuckGo

Duckdugo search

If privacy is your thing, then this is the search engine you should have on your phone or computer. DuckDuckGo describes itself as “The internet company that enables you to seamlessly take control of your personal data without any trade-off.”

The search engine never tracks you or your online activities which means there are no ads following you. Apart from being pro-privacy its also very user-friendly. Recently Google added it to chrome so you can use it as an extension.

2. Bing

If its not Google, its Bing. Bing is the 2nd most popular search engine and possibly the best alternative to Google. For some, its far more superior to Google and its search results are more relevant.

Search results on Bing engine are provided by Yahoo!Search, and its homepage has an ever-changing background. While its not frequented as much as Google, for advertisers, the Return on Investment is great.

3. Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox
Firefox Browser

I love Firefox and I have used it for years. After the release of Quantum last year, Firefox has improved a lot on speed. Mozilla is so much like Google when it comes to functions like saving your passwords but its privacy conscious.

When it comes to android browser, then Firefox Focus is an excellent browser. Once you close Firefox Focus, all traces of your browsing history will be deleted, but you can also erase your current session by tapping the trashcan icon.

4. Opera

Opera is like your ultimate browser. Over the years Google has had to borrow a lot from Opera to improve its browser. Opera is like the favorite rapper of your favorite rapper. In short, without Opera, well, Google might not be what it is today.

Opera is built with a free VPN if security is your thing, Ad Blocker, Battery saver among other features. There is also Opera-Mini for data saving. Opera is one of the most downloaded Apps in Kenya.

5. Search Encrypt

This search engine takes your search privacy a little higher. Search Encrypt takes online tracking prevention to the next level by not only blocking online trackers but also using local encryption to secure your searches.

Whether you share your computer with someone or it just gets stolen, you can be sure that your internet activities will be accessible to no one. So if you are looking for complete privacy, then Search encrypt is what you need.

Other Notable Search Engines

Dolphin Browser– If you are an android user, Dolphin Browser is an amazing alternative to Google. It has a set of features as that includes theming, flash support, ad-block, incognito mode, and some tertiary features like gesture controls.

dolphin browser
dolphin browser

Qwanty– Qwanty is a search engine located in France. Its very popular especially because of its pro-privacy policy. It is very similar to duckduckgo.

Swisscows– Switzerland has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world and its no wonder thus that Swisscows is pro-privacy. It is quite popular among parents who want child-appropriate search results for their kids. The built-in filter for pornographic and violent content in the search engine cannot be overridden.

Tor Browser– If you want to go to the Dark Web, Tor is your Browser. It uses duckduckgo search. Hackers, drug dealers, weapon dealers and all other black market dealers use Tor to access the dark web.

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