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2019 Report: Cost Of Vital Drugs Cheap In Kenya

A report indicating the cost of vital drugs in 50 countries shows Kenya and Malaysia as cheapest.

The index,compiled by Medbelle, compares the affordability – or lack thereof – for the same drugs across 50 countries, showing how prices in each nation deviate from the global median.

In the report, USA ranked the most expensive country for prescription drugs followed by Germany and UAE.

A press release accompanying the study results said, “The medications chosen for comparison span a variety of common conditions: from heart disease and asthma, to anxiety disorders and erectile dysfunction.”

“The average prices of both the brand compound and their generic versions were included in order to have a complete profile of each medication,” it added, saying that the dosage size was also normalised.

This comes even as the cost of some drugs especially diabetes is expected to rise if the government and drug retailers don’t reach an agreement.

On the other hand the government is hoping to create a fixed price list for essential drugs, a move that has been lauded by WHO. If implemented, it will help Kenyans from extortion by drug retailers easing their burdens from the harsh economic times.

USA Rank #1 while Kenya Ranks #49

The drug prices were collected from online pharmacies, governmental websites and information portals around the globe.

“It is our hope that this index can be used to further the discussion around the immense inequality between countries when it comes to the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of healthcare,” said Daniel Kolb, co-founder and managing director at Medbelle .

You can view the while report here.

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