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Digital Marketing in Kenya

While there are many definitions to what digital marketing is, it can simply be put as any form of marketing of products and services that involves electronic devises. This can be done both online and offline. So what is the state of digital marketing in Kenya?

It would be right to say that in Kenya digital marketing is broken and more so at a crossroad. That said, it means the opportunities for digital marketing in Kenya are huge. Most Kenyan companies don’t exactly know how to go about digital marketing.

Over the last few months while trying to understand digital marketing in Kenya, I have found a lot off falsehood about digital marketing and what both large and small companies think it is.

To some, digital marketing means being on the leading social media platforms and posting their products. While this is part of digital marketing, it barely does anything.

Like stated at the beginning, digital marketing involves both online and offline marketing.

Categories of Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Categories of Offline Marketing

  • Enhanced offline marketing (e.g use of ipads to order food in a hotel)
  • Radio Marketing
  • Television Marketing
  • Phone Marketing

Anyone wanting to do digital marketing is at liberty to choose whichever method they like, but should not neglect the others.

How to carry out digital marketing in Kenya
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Online digital Marketing is where everyone has rushed to but unfortunately many are without a strategy. According to Dotsavvy, the main main reasons that fail digital marketing in Kenya include:

  1. Social Media – Yes every brand has an account in social media trying to get a piece of the over 6 million who use it but most are never felt. Most brands hire influencers to publicize their brand but rarely build their own account. Unfortunately some of these influencers at times don’t have a stand a shift camp once the other side becomes greener. That said, brands should focus on building their own audience through their platforms.
  2. Website– While not so many companies have websites, those that have rarely make any returns on their investment. Most have websites because, well its the ‘right thing to have’, you know. These websites in other words are meant to be seen and not perform. Brands need to invest on performing websites with calls to action. Their visibility on Google and Bing can online can only be felt once they understand search engine optimization.
  3. Content – Very few brands will make their own content. Instead, they have left the job of content creation to influencers who post on their own platforms. While this works especially when trying to sell a new product, the lack of continuous content creation means there is no attachment with customers. Content is king, and brands like CocaCola and Nike will tell you that continuous content creation has kept them at the top. Today, Netflix is Netflix because of Netflix Originals. Yeah. They could wait till others bring their content for distribution, but no. It doesn’t work that way.
  4. Digital Marketers – Most digital marketers know nothing about digital marketing. They think its posting on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and any other platform. They know nothing about impressions, click through rates or what a bounce rate is. Its not about getting views and like. Digital marketing is more than that.

The world of marketing is evolving very fast and in a way Kenya is trying to play catch-up. Great digital marketing needs more than posting stuff. It needs to be carried out with a plan. When BirdBox was released (Search it on Netflix if you haven’t) one picture posted on instagram was all that was required to make it a hit.

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