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Clean Up Your Room Day and other Holidays Today

Every day of the week has something to celebrate. While most of the times its a serious issue, some other times we get special, fun and bizarre holidays. Here are the holidays being celebrated today.

World Lupus Day – World Lupus Day is held every 10th May to raise awareness of the disease and its impact on patients. Lupus is a long-term autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. The disease affects about 5 million people globaly with 70-90% cases reported on women.

Clean Up Your Room – Well, finally its that day especially for bachelors. If you are a parent, you know how your kids room looks like. Today, is that day you give them the broom and supervise them clean up their rooms. Get them to organise it and make it habitable. For kids, well, maybe its time to see if mom and dad practice what they preach.

Child Care Provider Day – If you are not aware, mothers day is just around the corner and before that the world celebrates child care providers. This day gives recognition and appreciation to the millions of people involved with providing care to children of working families. Child care providers have the health and safety of our children in their hands. Child care providers spend a lot of time with your children so its time to appreciate them.

Military Spouses Day – Military Spouses Day is a day to recognize and honor the real backbone of the military….. the spouses of our soldiers. This day recognizes the contributions made by military spouses to the spirit and well being of soldiers and military communities. Where would military moral be without their spouses behind them?

Those are the main holidays being celebrated today. Which of these will you be observing?

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