How To File Nil Tax Returns
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How do I File Nil Tax Returns?

The deadline for filling tax returns is soon approaching and like always Kenyans will be waiting for the last days to file their tax returns. With the unemployment numbers so high, most Kenyans will probably file nil returns. Here is a guide on how to file nil tax return.

Filing Nil Tax Returns Process

  1. Go to the itax portal on this link
  2. Fill in your KRA PIN and password
  3. Go to Returns on the menu and click ‘File Nil Return’
  4. On the new tab, click Self for Type, enter your KRA PIN and select Resident Individual under Tax Obligation. Then click Next.
  5. On this tab you can enter your wife’s KRA PIN if you have one but if you don’t just say leave it blank and click Okay.
  6. You have successfully filed your tax returns. You can go ahead and download the tax form.

Filing in tax returns is as easy as that. It can be done even on your smartphone by visiting itax portal on net. KRA introduced a mobile App called itax which can be downloaded on Google Play store but the App has seen bad reviews as it constantly crashes before one finishes the process.

If doing it by yourself seems complicated even after the simple guidelines above, you can visit any Huduma Center or Cafe and you will be assisted.

Last year recorded the highest number of tax filed with over 2.4 Million Kenyans filing their returns. In 2017 only 1.9 Million people filed. This year the number could be higher as the Government has made huge efforts to ensure that more people file their returns.

But even with these numbers, almost 1/4 of all the returns filed are Nil returns as unemployment continues to bite. . KNBS estimates that of 7 Million youths in Kenya, 70% are unemployed.

With such data, many are bound to file nil returns.

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