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The Kenyan Gospel Industry. If there was a time the ministry was under pressure is now. From the likes of Pastor Ng’ang’a to the music industry, it seems there is a problem that needs to addressed before everything comes down falling.

The music industry in particular has been on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons as ‘Gospel’ artists throw shade at each other. While some may say that they are targeting different groups in their music to ‘spread the word’, others like Pastor David Kuria of Mavuno feels the Gospel Music Industry is rotten.

However even with all the negativity, there are some great artists and music that blesses the heart. Here is our list of top 5 this week worth listening to.

  1. N.C.R ft RedFourth – John 3:16 N.C.R (Not a Christian Rebel) is a gospel duet comprising Dalian and K-Lax. In this song composed by N.C.R, they team up with REDFOURTH Chorus under Filah Tuju to produce a soulful ballad based on John 3:16. The song is produced by Johntezz and shot by the creative Steve Mugo.
  2. Mr. Seed and Solomon Mkubwa – Upo This is the 2nd song from Mr. Seed since he left Bahati’s EMB Records. In this song, Mr. Seed teams up with Solomon Mkubwa to produce a more Rhumba like type of song. Though the vibe that Mr. Seed is known for is alive, its not as hard signifying a change. Will he keep this sound? The song is produced by Producer Paulo and directed by Tom Gor.
  3. Kush Tracey – God is in Control. In this amazing song Kush Tracey departs from her usual style and does a reggae song. The song is well composed and her vocals are on another level. This is her first Gospel single and the future looks bright. The song is produced by Dj Thamos and shot by Ng’weno Job.
  4. Esther Wahome – Ninavyo Kupenda Esther has been silent for a while and in this song, she comes out to sing of the goodness of the lord. This is one of those songs you just want to put on repeat mode. It is produced and directed by Dr. Eddie of Dreamland.
  5. Zanda – Impilo If you have not heard Impilo, then you definately need to visit YouTube. The song, which means health in Zulu, was written after Zanda and her father underwent surgeries. The song is produced by the vimbada producer, Sevil, and is shot by Richie G.

Our bonus track would be Mercy by Guardian Angel.


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