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Top 5 Kenyan Gospel Dance Tunes of The Month

Kenyan gospel songs have been on a lukewarm state for a while now. There was a time when gospel music was top of the chart in Kenya. Well, even with everything that has happened to the sector, there are some nice tunes that you can’t ignore.

Here are our top 5 dance tunes of the month.

1. Wainame – Dogo Slim & Josay Flamer

This is definitely our top song of the month. If you thought Josay Flamer was a one hit maker after doing ‘Niko Rieng’ then you need to listen to this song. Both Josay Flamer and Dogo Slim are signed under Golden Hour Production.

The song wainame is produced by sevil and the video done by Rick Bekko. If you haven’t watched the song, you can click on this link. The song has great visuals and you can learn a few dance moves as well.

2. Pepeta – Ndume & Mr. Seed

Mr Seed has been producing hit after hit since he left Bahati’s EMB Records. Under his label ‘StarBorn Empire’, he seems to be doing well.

In this song however, he is not the star; Ndume is. Mr. Seed starts with giving us a brief history of his music career. Ndume on the other hand, comes in verse two but it’s flow that proves he has what it takes to take over.

The song is produced by Bern Music and video shot by Twister Black.

3. Chachisha – David Wonder

For starters, this song is just catchy and you will find yourself singing along. David Wonder has definitely grown as an artist and this song is a clear reflection.

Under Mr. Seed’s Starborn Empire Management, the song is produced by Alexis and just like Pepeta, the video is done by Twister Black.

4. Siringi – Maluda

You probably don’t know who Maluda is but he is a big name. When it comes to flow, then Maluda is one artist you need to listen to. He is definitely on top of the game.

Maluda can flow with any beat and if you haven’t heard any of his works, then go to YouTube and search him. You’ll definitely love his vibe.

‘Siringi’ is produced by Bliss & NYNP and the video directed by Dambiz for Krezi Global Management.

5. Party After Party – Bruz Newton

Party after party has become a national anthem. In church, club at home and basically in the day to day life in Kenya party after party has become a household slogan.

Well, Bruz Newton (the zigwembe hitmaker) has a dance video for party after party. The song is produced by Jack Jack on the Beat and the video shot by Sammy Ty.

Rada Safi – Garvey Royal x Timeless Noel

This is definitely a big jam and if you know Timeless Noel, then you know he is about good vibes. The beat, done by Majic Mike, is catchy and you will find yourself jamming to the tune instantly. The video is done by Jijo Drumbeats.

Looking at the songs above, you’ll agree the Kenyan gospel music industry has changed and more so accommodating a younger generation who dance is part of them.

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