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3 Great Leadership Tips To Learn From Sports

We are witnessing a time in sports like no other. From the rise of Eliud Kipchoge as the greatest marathoner to the Messi vs Cristiano greatness debate, sports just seem to be at the center of our lives. With teams like Manchester City FC achieving what would have been impossible years ago, there are a lot of leadership tips to learn from sports.

Investing in Your Strengths

The most successful people are considered to have the ability to make good use of their strengths in handling their requirements and those of others. Great coaches are able to identify the unique abilities of the team members and allocate them the best position in the field based on their capability.

The desire to succeed starts with the coach who has to come up with daily activities to help meet the objective of being physically fit and ready to undertake a sport. This success mentality can be seen in two great coaches, Pep Guardiola and former Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho. For these two success is all that matters and they push their teams to attain success.

Maximizing Your Team

For any sports team to win in a competition, they have to work together maximizing on the abilities of every individual. For football lovers you will agree that Liverpool and Tottenham have a lot of average players compared to other teams but because of team work, they are lethal. And so is Milwaukee Bucks for those who watch NBA.

The maximizing of the team strengths goes beyond just identifying the individual talents and requires the intervention of the team leader who helps in making good use of the gifts. It also involves building good relations.

Where there is a good relationship in the team, the athletes remain motivated that others appreciate their efforts and they always do the best not to disappoint each other.

Understanding Why People Follow

The team members always follow their coach with the belief that he is leading them in the right direction or path. They gain trust that the leader will lead them to self-fulfillment and towards achieving their maximum potential in all avenues of their sports.

A team may emerge successfully among’st the many other clubs based on how the leader leads the team in making sure they have hope, trust, are stable, and they feel that the coach is compassionate about them as individuals.

Mourinho’s undoing at Man U was that players didn’t feel like he inspired hope when they were down. On the other hand, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klop is known to inspire hope.

Understanding these leadership tips from sports and going a head to practicing them will greatly improve your team performance.

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by Dennis Kabue (Psychologist)

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