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A few years ago Kenya’s Agriculture sector crashed. Cartels, drought and demotivated farmers led to many believing that being a farmer in Kenya was the worst thing you could ever be.

Well, 2018 proved otherwise. Even though termed as the hottest year on earth, 2018 could just have been the best year for some farmers in Kenya. Horticulture, once a bedrock for the Kenyan economy became the third highest economy contributor to Kenya,s income after diaspora remittance and tourism from the 2018 results released by Clement Tulezi, CEO Kenya Flower Council.

Tea, also hit a record high earning of Ksh.140.9 Billion as a result of improved weather conditions in the tea growing areas leading to more production as well as increased consumption both domestically and internationally.

While it might not have been the best year for maize farmers, it shows that there is still hope for the agriculture. Farmers however need not just better legislation but to take up the challenge of not over relying on the government to buy their produce and face the market head on like the tea and holticulture sectors.

With more and more people moving to urban centers, the millions on earth can only grow. Knowing what to grow , where and positioning yourself for the right time will be what distinguishes a rich from poor farmer.

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