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10 Most Downloaded Apps in Kenya 2019 (Research)

In this article we have compiled a list of the most downloaded Apps in Kenya.

Data released by the Communication Authority of Kenya indicate that there are over 46 million mobile subscribers in the country. Today, more and more people are owning smartphones as their prices decrease globally and competition stiffens. That said, here are the most downloaded apps in Kenya 2019.

WhatsApp Messenger- Who doesn’t have WhatsApp in this day and age? This message sharing platform owned by social media giant Facebook is the most downloaded app on Google according to statistics. Whether its texting, calling, sending pictures or sharing through status, WhatsApp has revolutionized social messaging.

WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in Kenya

O Pesa– Fast Talla Loans to your MPesa – The second most downloaded App on Google Play is mobile money loaning App O pesa. You can get between ksh.500 and 30,000 on O Pesa.

Mobile money lending App in Kenya O Pesa
O Pesa

Tala– Tala, like O Pesa is a mobile money lending App. Tala is one of the largest and most profitable lending company. The company has set a big budget for advertising. Almost everyone who uses mobile money lending Apps has Tala.

Tala mobile loans  is the 3rd most downloaded app in Kenya

Opera Mini- Opera mini is the data bundle savior. If you have never used opera mini, it means you either are always on WiFi or you don’t care spending a lot on data. It is developed by the Opera Limited Company.

Opera Mini Browser in Kenya
opera mini

Facebook Lite- Completing our top 5 is Facebook Lite. Lets face it; with this economy we need to save on data. Facebook lite is designed for people who have low-power android devices or limited internet connections.

Facebook Lite

Other Most downloaded Apps In Kenya:

Okash – This is also a mobile money lending App. With O Kash, you can borrow between ksh.2,500 and ksh.50,000.

Branch– Yes, people are just broke we have to admit it. Branch is one of the pioneer mobile money lending Apps and is also one of the cheapest in terms of interest.

Xender– If you ever want to transfer files and share music, then xender is your go to mobile app.

Facebook– Facebook is the most visited social media in Kenya, with over 6 million people on the platform.

Truecaller- Closing our list of the 10 most downloaded apps in Kenya 2019 is TrueCaller. Truecaller helps you know who’s calling especially is its a new number while at the same time can block spam calls and messages.

Other notable downloads include, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Jaguar Loan App, Vskit and Viusasa.

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