We live in the era of Internet and with cheap data bundles nowadays, everyone is on the internet. Mobile penetration is at 100% according to the communication Authority and smartphones are very cheap.

That said, here is a list of the most visited websites in Kenya in 2019.

  1. Google.com

Of course this had to top. The giant search engine has become a house hold name in Kenya. With a lot happening both in and out of the country, Kenyans have usually taken to the search engine to find out more. With most android phones having Google as their default search engine, the number of users can only go up.

This video sharing platform owned by Google’s Parent Company Alphabet is the world’s number one video platform. With increased video content demand Kenyans have taken to the video platform to watch their favorite music and other video content. Kenyans spend an average of 8:53 Minutes everyday on the site.

  • Facebook.com

With over 6 million Kenyans being in the this social media giant, Facebook is on the top 3 of the most visited sites in Kenya. Facebook continues to be the number one source of news for most people.

Standard Media

When it comes to online news content, a research by Alexa (An Amazon Company) shows that Kenyans trust this media house to deliver. The research indicates that visitors tend to spend as much time (9:15) as they spend on Facebook (9:45).

When it comes to trends, Tuko is arguably one of the leading sites in Kenya combining trending news, viral content, gossip and entertainment news.

Another news site that completes the top 5 most visited websites in Kenya is The Star News. Their top story news angle has in most been viewed as controversial and thus may explain why it’s among the top 5 most viewed websites in Kenya.

Other Websites

Nation Media Group’s Nation.co.ke, Yahoo.com, sde.co.ke, Kenyans.co.ke and Citizentv.co.ke complete the top 10 list.

Other worthy mentions include Sportpesa, Jumia and wikipedia. Its also worth noting that Kenyans flock betting sites and you can check our list of Top 5 betting sites in Kenya here.

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