With so much political and entertainment happenings in Kenya, news sites seem the go to places since not everyone can sit and watch TV or listen to radio. Though most people get to know what is going on first on social media, people visit these sites to confirm the stories and get in-depth details.

  1. Nation.co.ke

Nation tops the list of the most visited news site in Kenya. Just like their Newpaper, the site is believed to be the most credible news source among many Kenyans. Their mobile site loads fast and the average time spent on the site is 4:40 minutes according to research by Alexa Kenya. The Nation website is also the third most visited website in Kenya.

2. Standardmedia.co.ke

Following closely is the Standardmedia news site. While those who visit the site spend more time than those who visit Nation (9:50 Min), their there are fewer sites linking in and thus their second place. The standard is known for in-depth stories on health, science and special reports.

3. Tuko.co.ke

This might come as a surprise to many but Tuko is the 3rd most visited news site in Kenya. The blog covers trending news, viral content, gossip and entertainment news from Kenya and around the world. It is currently facing stiff competition from Kenyans.co.ke.

4. The-Star.co.ke

The Star News site is the 4th most visited in Kenya. Their top story news angle has in most times been viewed as controversial and thus may explain why it’s among the top 5 most viewed websites in Kenya. However, Their news site design is different from other news sites and its easy to go through the site looking for a particular story. Their SEO is second to none.

5. Kenyans.co.ke

This news site completes the top 5. Kenyans.co.ke focuses on everything from latest news, viral content, musician to profiles. The site writes on anything and even goes ahead to dig some past news that you might have forgotten or didn’t know what happened in the end.

Other notable news sites where Kenyans frequent include sde.co.ke, citizetv.co.ke and Ghafla.com

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