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PewDiePie Hits over 100m Subscribers on YouTube

Controversial Swedish YouTube vlogger, PewDiePie, just surpassed the 100 million subscribers. Yes people over 100M subscribers on YouTube. Felix Kjellberg or PewDiePie as many know him is the first individual creator to hit the 100m mark on YouTube.

PewDiePie is only behind Indian Music Channel T-Series who have over 109 Million Subscribers. T-Series beat Pew to the 100 Million subscribers but even so, its a great milestone for him as an individual creator to achieve that mark.

If you are still wondering what he does, well, PewDiePie is a 29 year old Swedish Comedian YouTuber game commentator. He is popular for commenting on games especially Minecraft.

If there will be a month Pew will live to remember its probably the August of 2019. This is because apart from surparsing the 100M mark, he also got married to Marzia Bisognin.

The YouTube Millionaire who Forbes estimated to have earned $15.5 Million in 2018, has had a controversial past however. In some of his earlier videos, he was reported to use the *N word and has also expressed support for some far-right groups. During his race to the 100M mark with T-Series some computers around the world were hacked with a message urging people to help him beat T-Series.

Currently though it seems he has shifted gear back to what he is really known for, game commentating. For the last two months he has been credited and recognised by the gaming community and YouTube itself for bringing back Minecraft Game to the scene through his commenting.

By the time of publishing this article he had 100,332,005 Million Subscribers while T-Series had 109,732,169 subscribers. Pew has almost 4000 videos on his channel.

YouTube in Kenya

In Kenya, Citizen TV has he most followers with 1.256 Million Subscribers followed by Churchill Show with 978k YouTube Subscribers. KTN News Kenya closes the top 3 list with 912k Subscribers.

Other top YouTube Channels in Kenya include K24, NTV, Sauti Sol and Eric Omondi.

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