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Vlogging In Kenya 2019: What You Need To Know

Vlogging in Kenya and around the world has been on an upward trend as video demand grows.

Today almost everyone wants to vlog. From your top Celeb to my village mate, its all “Welcome back to my channel”. But there is a reason why. According to Research firm GFK, most Kenyans spend 6-8 hour consuming online content. That’s a lot.

If you have no idea what vlogging is, it is a form of blog for which the medium is video. A blog a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. 10cent Kenya for example is a Blog.

How to Start Vlogging

A few days ago a friend called me saying she wants to start a vlog but didn’t know how. She is not alone. As vlogging gets popular and money prospects seen, everyone wants to jump on the ship. A true Kenyan fashion(Remember Quail Eggs and Bitcoin Rush?)

Before you start vlogging you have to know which category of vlogging you want to be known for. Most Vlogs in Kenya die as soon as they start because the vloggers are doing everything. Lifestyle, reviews, opinions, humour etc. There is so much content out there that if you don’t define yourself, no one will care about what you do. Again, why do you want to vlog?

“For creators, whatever content you create must be shareable and must have engaging content. If the content is not engaging, viewers will drop off immediately,” Google Sub-Saharan Africa Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Dorothy  Ooko.

Basic camera and editing skills are needed. You don’t have to start with a 100k gear. Most of the time, people like raw footage, one they can associate with. Just don’t do shoddy work. There are many places to post your vlogs but the key thing is to understand which platforms receives your work best and maximize on it.

Growing Your Viewership

There are a thousand and one people vlogging in Kenya. The field is crowded and you making it needs a lot of work.

Growing a vlog channel is not an overnight success thing. Unfortunately for most of us, we don’t have patience. Maybe its not our mistake. We live in an insta world, where we want things to happen instantaneously. I started this blog with 26 visits in the first month. Be ready to grow a subscriber at a time.

According to Google Kenya Country Manager Charles Muritu, “Consistency – in posting the content and the type of content – also allows consumers and brands to relate with the content in a predictable way.”

Stand-out. There are many people doing humorous vlogs, but each has his own audience. In as much as you want to be like a certain vlogger you like, be unique. Let people know you for you.

Is There Money Vlogging in Kenya?

Of course there is money. Like I stated earlier, the demand for video is growing across the world. Social media platforms know that video is king right now and have invested a lot to make sure that their platforms support as much video content.

Once you hit over 1000 YouTube subscribers as 4000 hours of viewing time, then money will start flowing in. But not in millions. Unlike YouTube, Facebook doesn’t pay for video views and so the ideal thing is to turn your Facebook followers to YouTube viewers. Also the time people spend watching an ad before your video matters how much you earn.

Most vloggers however depend on brand endorsements to make money. This is why defining your content is good. When a Brand like Safaricom wants to user influencers, it picks 1 or 2 from different categories. So standing out is really important.

Different vloggers earn differently. And yes, its not just about the number of followers or likes or subscribers you have. It about your authority in the market. Caroline Mutoko might have less followers than Njugush but her market authority is far superior and in that case earn more for endorsing the same product.

What Is The Future For Vlogging

The future of Vlogging in Kenya looks bright, but not for everyone. You must understand what your followers want while being yourself. There are many topics to vlog on: Humor, Lifestyle, Tech, politics/governance etc. Establishing yourself as a brand that can be relied upon will be key to succeeding.

Facebook is seeking to dethrone YouTube as the number one video platform and so probably this would be a great place to start. When I say Facebook I also mean its other platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. Going on IG TV contantly and sharing your videos on Instagram have been proven to increase one’s popularity, likes and engagement.

Video consumption will continue to grow for the next few years and so there is still a lot to be made from advertisers. The number of people spending more time online is also increasing so just start and build your audience one at a time.


Once your numbers start going up, vlogging can be addictive. Its very exhaustive so if you can don’t vlog every day. However, be consistent. If you vlog every 2 days a week, let your followers know which day to expect a video from you.

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