Remember the ‘Is your name on Coke’ Ad? Or the ‘Usiseme Maziwa, sema Ng’ombe’, the Nike ‘Just do it’ ad or even the Michael Power Guinness ad? There are hundreds of ads that I can mention that have had an impact on people. Whether its a new product you are launching or you are getting into the market, then you need an ‘Anchor’ video.

If you are not familiar with what an ‘Anchor’ video is a signature video that you use to tell people what your business is all about. It’s an ‘establishment’ video.

We all know that over the last few years video demand has gone up and every ‘serious’ business makes video advertisement but that is not the only reason you need an anchor video. While those with big budgets can afford TV airtime, what happens to those who cant afford?

Social Media. Yes. Its nothing new but here is the thing. While everybody is taking pictures of their stores, doing Facebook and Instagram live and even paying ‘Influencers’ to market their products, why not go the extra mile? By extra I mean coming up with creative video content that can go viral.

There are 2 major ways you could do this:

  1. Create a video of “A Day in the life” of either the CEO or the founder
  2. Create a funny, creative video that portrays your product/business as the market savior.

Don’t try to fake it till you make it. No. Be honest, be who you are. It might sound weird but people love honest. As a small business you already know what your customers want and who they are. You know what they want. Hit them with that. Remember that the idea is to go viral.

It might cost you a few cents to come up with such stuff but if well done, you will leave a mark and hopefully get more customers. After all ‘Money makes money’.

An anchor video wouldn’t be successful if you don’t it doesn’t have a call to action. Make sure as you end your video you call upon your potential customers to take action and buy whatever that you are selling.

One of my best anchor videos is by Dollar Shave Club


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